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What is Owner Financing?
In an Owner financing transaction, the Owner of the property acts as the bank or mortgage company on behalf of the Buyer. Going to the bank for funding isn't required. Owner financing is an effective, legal way to buy a home, especially when the current marketplace makes traditional financing nearly impossible to obtain. Presently, a large number of Buyers would like to purchase a property but due to changes in the mortgage marketplace; they cannot get a loan. Owner financing offers a solution to this problem.
Over twenty years of turning houses into homes.

Chris Johnston


Licensed in Real Estate as a Broker for over 25 years, I have observed changes in the market that have made it increasingly difficult for potential buyers to obtain a home loan. Traditional loan regulations are becoming more restrictive and prevent the average person from buying a home. The most common problems that prevent people from qualifying for a loan are bad credit, bankruptcy, foreclosure, or even self-employment. With our owner finance program, you can overcome all of these obstacles. — Chris Johnston